About the Danish Outdoor Council

The Outdoor Council is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1942. It operates as an umbrella organisation, today with 94 individual member organisations. These are all national organisations and together they cover practically all types of outdoor recreational activities as well as nature protection interests. The aim of the Outdoor Council is to promote outdoor recreation for organisations and the general public under consideration of both environmental needs and needs for nature protection. The member organisations are all represented in the General Assembly, the highest body of authority of the Council. The daily operation of the Outdoor Council is managed by a Board and carried out by a Secretariat.

Summary of the pursuits of the Danish Outdoor Council:

  • to protect nature and the environment in the fullest sense in order to create the basis for outdoor activity in clean and healthy surroundings.
  • To promote mutual understanding and respect between forest owners and agriculture on the one hand and the people who indulge in outdoor pursuits on the other.
  • Constantly advocates greater ease of access to the countryside and the production landscape, preferably through national, political solutions.
  • Strives to ensure that any future changes to agricultural legislation will clearly stipulate that agricultural production benefits food production, etc., and pays heed to the landscape, natural history, cultural history, environmental protection and outdoor life.
  • Advocates that outdoor activities are assessed in relation to the environment and are sustainable.
  • Strives to ensure that outdoor activity objectives are assimilated into all national and international funding programmes for primary production, nature protection and uses of nature.
  • Promotes greater international co-operation on outdoor activity, nature and the environment and respect for international understanding
  • Constantly assesses its efforts in the areas of outdoor life, nature and the environment, based on the desire to promote sustainable development both locally and globally.

 Read more about the Action programme and strategy for the Outdoor Council


Contact information

Torbjørn Eriksen
Friluftsraadet - The Danish Outdoor Council
Scandiagade 13
DK-2450 København SV
Phone +45 33 79 00 79
Fax +45 33 79 01 79

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