Practical info

Who can use the sites?
All hikers and cyclists are welcome. Certain sites are also
open to riders or boaters, a few to hikers or boaters only. No
motor vehicles are admitted.

Dogs and horses
Dogs and horses are admitted to sites marked by dog or
horse symbols respectively. Dogs must be kept on a leash,
and the site must be kept free of waste from dogs as well
as horses.

The sites are not intended to accommodate larger groups
(such as school camps). Larger groups are referred to special
sites, established by the Department of Forests (Skovog

How long and how?
The maximum stay is two nights at the same site, unless
otherwise arranged with the owner or contact person.
Overnight campers must sleep in tents or shelters where
such are provided. A bivouac may be used with permission
from the owner. The owner has the right to refuse admission
to any travellers. The owner's instructions must be followed
at all times. Remember that you are a guest at the site and
please show respect for people as well as animals there.

What does it cost?
The price is max. 30 DKK per person per night and payment
is made to the owner. Payment by credit card is usually not

Should I phone in advance?
At most sites simply showing up is all that is needed. Some
owners would, however, appreciate that you phone in
advance, in which cases this note in the text, right after the
telephone number: "Ring i forvejen".

On arrival
On arrival at the site you should contact the owner immediately
and pay for the stay. Always ask the owner if you are
in doubt about something.

Toilet, garbage, water and campfires
Most sites have access to toilet or privy. At forest campsites,
as well as a few other sites, it is necessary to bury human
Rules for the sites
waste. These sites have no symbol for toilet. You must take
all garbage with you unless other arrangements have been
made with the owner. Normally, water is available near
the site. You'll find campfire facilities, as well as firewood at
most sites. If there is no symbol for campfire facility in the
register, campfires are not allowed. Note that in dry periods
the owner can issue a temporary ban on fires. Please do not
make campfires without permission. There may be an extra
charge for firewood.

Showers and other facilities
Normally, there is no shower at the sites. However the
owner may offer the possibility of showering - often in his
own bathroom, in which case you can expect only limited
access. In other cases there may be a cold or sun-warmed
shower facility. Payment for shower and other extra services
to be agreed on with the owner.

On departure
The site should be left in the neat and tidy condition you
would like to find it in. Remember to write in the diary,
where there is one, what you thought of the site - this can
be of help to the owner and it is interesting for him as well
as for other site-users to read the short greetings and experiences
from other travellers in the diary.

Special rules for forest sites ("Skovpladser")
In a number of forests primitive overnight campsites have
been established, usually without any facilities. A campstove
or cooker must be used for cooking. If a special place
has been furnished for cooking then use it. Fires must only
be lit where there is an outdoor fireplace. In very dry periods
there can be a ban on all forms of fire, in which case
this will be posted. In addition to these rules, rules for traffic
in public forests should be observed.
Foto: Lise Bjørg Pedersen

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